Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I consider taking a financial wellness course?

If you are a financial planner, financial coach, life coach, or work in a profession that relates to personal finances, the financial wellness courses and continuing education content are designed to help you help others.

If you are an individual or member of an organization, our courses are designed to help you build and maintain a financial wellness foundation for life. Our courses are completely unbiased (a.k.a. no hidden agenda), action-oriented, focused on what matters, and designed to do more than just educate…we want to change lives and create a ripple effect of change.

Do you offer individual financial coaching, financial planning, or investment advisory services?

No. The LIVE PLAN THRIVE project is for education purposes only. LIVE PLAN THRIVE does NOT provide individual coaching, financial planning, or investment advice.

Are courses offered as part of an annual subscription service?

Currently, courses are offered on an individual basis. As our content library grows we plan to offer an annual subscription service with unlimited access to the course library for individuals and financial planning/coaching professionals.

Organizations can purchase a block of courses in bulk for their employees and members.

How long will it take to obtain my continuing education credits for the CFP® designation?

Completion of any CFP Board Registered continuing education programs will be submitted within 24 hours of completion. The CE Sponsor of record will be LifeSpan Financial Planning, LLC.

Are the courses refundable?

Yes! You’re satisfaction is important to us. While we are confident you will be impressed with our financial life wellness education courses, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you want to cancel any time within the first 30 days after enrolling in a course you can do so. Seriously…no problem!

Can my spouse or partner access the same account? If so, how?

You and your financial life partner can share a LIVE PLAN THRIVE account. We actually encourage this strongly! Managing money together can be a challenge and we want you to be on the same page. Everyone has their own unique “money story” and we want you to work together to build confidence so that can take the best next steps for your financial life plans.

Why does the word “financial wellness” appear so frequently on this site?

The concept of financial wellness is more than just a feel good buzzword. The domain of financial wellness is part of a larger measure of wellness and life satisfaction. Unfortunately, many financial services firms have adopted this term as a clever way to market products and services. We want real financial planners to develop ways to better incorporate financial wellness principles backed by academic research into their practices. So, if it sounds like we are passionate about the topic of financial wellness – we are!

Are you available to answer media inquiries?

Scott Spann, our founder and financial wellness expert, is available for select media inquiries on topics related to financial wellness, psychology of money, financial life planning, and retirement preparedness (to name just a few). Please send any media inquiries through the contact page.

Do you accept learning modules or courses from other financial planning professionals on your platform?

Of course! We want to empower others in the financial wellness and financial life planning space. The best way to do this is to create a financial life wellness network of like-minded professionals. If you are an established financial educator OR if you have course content that you want to share with others we look forward to talking with you.

Still have questions? Contact us.