What is the LIVE PLAN THRIVE Project?

Financial Wellness Solutions for LIFE

The LIVE PLAN THRIVE Project was started with a simple and important mission. Our purpose is to change lives and empower others through financial wellness.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to help improve the overall sense of financial wellness in others.

We only provide online financial wellness education courses.

We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products or services.

We want to empower financial planners and coaches to incorporate positive financial life wellness principles into their work with clients.

Leading Experts

Course content is created and delivered by leading financial planning and wellness experts.

Focused on Life

Financial life planning is simply the right approach to using wealth for good.


There are never any hidden agendas or gimmicks to nudge you in the wrong direction.


Financial education by itself doesn’t work. Real change requires action.

What is the LIVE PLAN THRIVE Project?

The LIVE PLAN THRIVE site is run by financial planning experts to educate, empower, and improve lives through smart financial decision-making. LIVE PLAN THRIVE provides continuing education courses for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals and financial coaches. Creating and implementing a financial life plan is challenging during these uncertain times. The financial wellness for life approach is designed to improve relationships and achieve real results.

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